Passing A Random Drug Test

Random drug test is becoming more common in the workplace, schools and on roads. The employers and organizations prefer urine drug test, while saliva drug test is taken randomly on roads. Passing a random drug test is important to protect your job and good name. Though the best way to pass drug tests is to give up drugs and stay healthy by taking fresh fruits and vegetable diet, it is not possible for all to control the urge to take drug. Many detox products are available in the market, which help you appear to be drug free, when you are not. You can keep such products in hand, so that you can beat drug tests easily.

Urine drug testing is inexpensive and easily accessible, but most of the employers, institutions and police understand that it is the easiest to evade. Hence, they follow strict procedures to reduce the chance of false positives in drug test results. Passing a random drug test therefore requires a meticulous approach. If you are subject to random urine drug test, the cheap and best way to pass the test is to give synthetic urine as sample. Synthetic urine is unisex and contains all the components of urine to ensure passing a urine drug test. The urine kit comes with a temperature slip and heating pad, which helps you give urine specimen at the right body temperature. You can easily hide the kit in your pocket. When you are asked to give urine sample, you just need to pour the content into the urine cup provided by the drug testing facility. As synthetic urine contains the same characteristics of human urine, such as the exact pH, creatine and gravity, it is undetectable.

You can pass random saliva drug test easily by using detox mouthwash or chewing gum that start working instantly. The unique formula helps to flush all unwanted toxins from your saliva, making passing a random drug test easy.